13 Bold Progressive Ideas for NYC in 2013

Next year, New York City will have a new mayor and a new City Council. If progressives stand together, we have an opportunity to dramatically change City policy and recreate New York for the better.

Yesterday, we took the first step toward that goal. The Progressive Caucus of the City Council, in partnership with over 30 endorsing organizations, launched “13 Bold Progressive Ideas for NYC in 2013.”

This policy platform, available at the interactive website 13boldideas.org, lays out exactly that — a bold, progressive vision for New York City. By uniting around this shared agenda, we can inform the debate and push for key priorities such as police accountability, better conditions for low-wage workers, paid sick days, and an equitable Hurricane Sandy recovery. We’ll also use this platform to advance creative proposals for a better city, such as:

  • Guaranteeing the right of all workers to take paid sick leave to care for themselves or their family
  • Passing the Community Safety Act to end racial profiling in policing, establish an independent inspector general for the NYPD, and make sure that NYPD searches respect New Yorkers’ constitutional rights
  • Creating NYC’s next high-capacity public transit option through a city-wide network of bus rapid transit lines that connect the boroughs
  • Offering the “Big Apple Card,” a municipal identification option for NYC residents that can serve as a library card and a NYC SafeStart Account banking card
  • Prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment based on consumer credit history
  • Expanding municipal voting rights to non-citizen permanent immigrants who are legally living in NYC

We’re excited about using this platform as a tool for change. In the weeks to come, we’ll feature actions you can take to help turn these bold ideas into reality. Whether it’s signing a petition, coming out to a rally, or testifying at a hearing, we’ll need you to plug into the movement for a more progressive city.

13 Bold Progresive Ideas for NYC in 2013 by Progressive Caucus of the New York City Council

The Progressive Caucus of the New York City Council included Intro 410 as one of the 13 progressive ideas for 2013

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