What do you mean by “resident”?  Who will benefit from this campaign?
All documented New York City residents of voting age would be granted the right to vote by this legislation without regard to citizenship status. Allowing immigrants greater civic and political engagement would better ensure that elected officials in New York City represent the needs of ALL of their constituents.  All New Yorkers would benefit from a more representative City government.

Is resident voting unconstitutional?
There is nothing in either the U.S. or the New York State Constitution that prevents us from extending the franchise to non-citizen residents.

Is resident voting administratively possible?

In parts of Maryland residents already vote in local elections.  Legislatures in San Francisco and Washington, DC are considering similar measures.  We know that it can be done cheaply and easily here in New York City because everyone with a child in the public school system could vote in school board elections before school boards were disbanded in 2003.

What is the New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights?
The New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights is a broad and growing coalition of individuals and organizations working to enact city legislation that will give immigrants the right to vote in municipal elections. Members