Countries that Grant Some Voting Rights to Foreign Residents (65 of 193 Member States of the United Nations)

65 countries, on 6 continents, have provisions granting the exercise of some voting rights to foreigners and/or for certain categories of foreign residents.
The 31 countries whose names are underlined grant the right to vote to all foreign residents, regardless of nationality, throughout their territory.
The 22 countries whose name appears in bold grant the right to vote in national elections for foreigners.
The countries with an asterisk (*) do not grant the right to vote to foreigners throughout their territory, but have varying provisions by geographic entities.
The countries in white with two asterisks (**) have constitutional provisions opening the vote to foreign residents, but these provisions are not yet implemented. They are not counted among the 65 states currently.

Sources: Constitutions and electoral laws of different states, official election commissions. See also: and and