Intro 410

If 1.3 million more New Yorkers were engaged in local elections, we could demand changes in…

…EDUCATION, including smaller classes, better teacher training and more funding for adult education.
The City is responsible for all public schools, oversight of CUNY and supporting adult education / ESOL programs.

including more government funded health insurance programs and better asthma prevention services.
The City administers all public hospitals and medical centers.  Thousands of people who don’t have medical insurance receive health care through the City.

…HOUSING, including building more affordable housing and investigating more unscrupulous landlords.
In addition to running low-income housing projects and homeless shelters, the City enforces tenants’ rights and building codes.

…PARKS, including building playgrounds and expanding green spaces.
The City controls all of New York’s 29,000 acres of parks.

, including more buses and trains and lower fares.
Together with the State, the City runs the MTA.  The City also maintains streets and regulates traffic.

…TRASH, including more pick-ups and better snow removal.
The City oversees trash pick-up, recycling, street sweeping, and snow removal.

including more help for small businesses.
The City is uses real estate development, business incentives and other programs to promote economic growth.

…TAXES. New York City levies its own income, sales, property and business taxes.