How Your Organization Can Help

Here are some ways in which you, or your organization, can help NYCEVR in its fight to expand voting rights in New York City.  We understand that time and resources can be limited so please just check any activities or actions that interest you, and do not consider them binding in any way.

Coalition Member List

  • Allow NYCEVR to list your endorsement on publications and website – The easiest and most basic level of involvement, this allows NYCEVR to show the diverse and widespread support that it has across the city.
  • Educate your staff and constituents – Have NYCEVR come to do a presentation for your organization, or incorporate us into an event you already have planned.
  • Attend meetings with local representatives as a member of NYCEVR – Represent your community in meetings with City Council members and help bolster our efforts to advocate for your neighborhood.
  • Introduce us to other members of your community – We are always looking to make new friends! Give out our email or set up a meeting, anything to help us be more involved in your community.
  • Attend NYCEVR meetings and events – come show your support and be a part of the NYCEVR decision making process.
  • Spread the word! – Write a letter to the editor, mention us in a newsletter or press conference, or give information about us out to your clients, constituents, staff, and colleagues.  All of these actions help us to educate and inform New Yorkers about this issue.

And of course, let us know if there are any other ways that you or your organization would like to get involved.