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DIY Move vs. Hiring Professional Local Movers

DIY Move vs. Hiring Professional Local Movers

Everyone has different reasons to relocate, although most of the time, it’s for a new job or to be closer to family. Regardless of why you are moving, there’s one thing that all moves have in common — they will stress you out. Things can be difficult because of all the uncertainties that come with such a big change. The planning process is mentally draining, while the physical aspect is physically exhausting. On top of that, the ultimate question is: should you hire movers or do everything by yourself? In this article, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of each method.

Pros of a DIY Move


Moving is expensive. That’s a fact. Outsourcing the job to others would require extra expenses since you’ll have to pay them. So for those keen on saving up, moving on your own can be relatively cheap with the help of a bit of ingenuity and the right tools at your disposal.

No Time Constraints

The most significant advantage to moving on your own is that you won’t be in a rush. You’ll be the one in charge of when to do the packing, and there’s no stopping you from taking as much time as needed to do the job right. Unlike when you’re hiring movers, everything needs to get done fast because you’ll most likely be paying an hourly rate.

You’re In Control

As a DIY mover, you are in control of every decision that has to be made. You get to decide what boxes things go into and how you’re going to arrange them inside the truck. More importantly, you also get to decide whether you’re going to buy packing supplies or use existing materials in your home.

Cons of a DIY Move

Risk of Injuries

If you are moving by yourself, you’re going to have a hard time moving large appliances and bulky furniture. If you attempt to lift something heavy without enough manpower, you might end up with broken bones and injuries.

Takes a Long Time

DIY moving seems like a great way to save money, but it does so at the cost of your time. You will have to plan everything, pack your stuff, load them to the truck, and unpack them later. Unless you’re Superman, you’re going to take days or even weeks to pull this off.

Damaged Items

When moving alone, there’s always the risk of ruining stuff. And when you’re stressed, it’s easy to make mistakes. This won’t be good since your belongings won’t be covered by insurance typically provided by most moving companies.

Pros of Hiring Movers


Moving is a time-consuming event. You can prepare all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s going to affect your mind and body. But with professional movers on your side, you will have plenty of time to work on other moving aspects that don’t require heavy labor.


Safety is the number one reason to hire a professional moving company. Many things can go wrong during a move. Most people do not realize how difficult it is to lift boxes or move furniture. You will most likely get injured if you’ve got no experience. What’s even worse is that you can damage your belongings or break something important. That’s why it’s always better to entrust the burdens to the experts.

Time Efficient

In addition to adequate manpower, movers have ample experience in moving logistics. It is not just the physical work they are good at but also their knowledge and efficiency that makes the price totally worth it.

They Know What to Do

Local movers most likely have operated to the place you’re moving to for years. They know the means of getting through the traffic, traversing the neighborhoods, and basically the ins and outs of your new city. This makes the process much easier, faster, and safer.

Cons of Hiring Movers

A Bit Expensive

Well, what can you expect? Moving is no cheap service. There’s a lot of expenses attached to it—packing, shipping, storage. Movers will also have to make sure your belongings arrive at their destination safely. All the factors are taken into account, so you might have to spend a bit compared to moving independently.

You Have Little Control Over Your Move

Depending on your perspective, no control can be disadvantageous. As a customer, it can be disheartening to see your belongings handle recklessly by incompetent movers. While there are plenty of moving companies here and there, you have to ensure you hire the right one. Do your research and ask your movers questions before signing anything.


To hire or not to hire? Honestly, the decision is up to your needs, budget, and preferences. If you think you can pull off a DIY and you actually got the resources to do it, then go for it. But if you want to save precious hours and energy, you better look for a moving company now!

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6 Differences Between DIY Moving and Hiring Professional Movers

6 Differences Between DIY Moving and Hiring Professional Movers

When you’re faced with the task of moving in the City, you’ll have to decide whether you’ll do this yourself or hire a New York City moving company. To help you make this decision with more confidence, the information below can help. With it, you’ll identify some of the biggest differences between these two moving options, which are important to consider before making your final decision.

1. The Cost

DIY moving is the most affordable option if you’re looking to save money. With this, your main expenses will be the rental price of the moving truck, the gas to travel, and packing supplies for your belongings. You may also need to calculate insurance if that’s not included with the truck. If you hire a moving company, you’ll be paying for both movers and the truck, which can run you hundreds to thousands of extra dollars.

2. The Ease of Moving

When you have movers helping you, the entire process will go more smoothly. That’s because you’ll have a team of professionals who are there to help with carrying boxes into the truck, loading them properly, and then driving everything to the new property. If you move by yourself, you’ll be responsible for creating a schedule and making sure the plan is carried out on Time.

3. The Time it Takes

Moving by yourself is often more time-consuming than it is if you have movers there to help. That’s simply because you’ll be figuring out which truck to rent, who can help you move boxes, and how to load the truck so that everything fits. While having friends or family help is a great way to cut down on the time it takes, professionals tend to be more efficient simply because of their training and experience. If you aren’t in a rush, then you can very likely do this yourself without a lot of stress. However, if you’re limited with Time, hiring professionals will streamline things, so you’re moved in no time.

4. The Physical Toll

Moving yourself means having to lift things that may be heavy and difficult to maneuver. If you’re going this route, then you’ll want to have friends there to help. However, if you hire professionals, then you can relax knowing they will come equipped with the tools and solutions needed to move even the heaviest items.

5. The Rules on Packing

Most professional moving companies have many restrictions when it comes to what can and cannot be packed. If you want to pack however you want, then you’ll want to take care of moving on your own. If you hire movers but still pack restricted items, you could end up facing many fines and extra charges.

6. The Ability to Change Plans

When you hire movers, you have less of an opportunity to change your mind on when you’ll move and how things are moved. While some companies will let you change plans, this may cost extra or require a certain amount of lead time. When you move by yourself, you have more flexibility to change plans or take your Time on moving day to do things how you want.

Which Choice is Right for You?

To make your decision, it’s important to consider how much Time you have, what your budget is like, and how good you are at planning. With these things in mind, it will be clear whether you can take on DIY moving or you should hire professionals to help you out.

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5 Smartphone Apps To Help Organize an Office Relocation

5 Smartphone Apps To Help Organize an Office Relocation

Organizing your company’s big move can be hectic and stressful for everyone involved. But you can reduce this significantly by using a smartphone app that has been designed for just this purpose. These apps tackle all the most difficult aspects of your move, which include: Inventory management Floor planning Checklists and to-do lists Here are […]